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Michael Fergusson, Ayogo's CEO has been featured in dozens of leading technology, health and business publications, including Fast Company, TechVibes, The Financial Post, National Post, MIT Technology Review, and was selected for the PharmaVoice 100. He has a TedX talk on how play can help solve the largest healthcare challenges. 

Paul Prescod, CTO, literally helped design the modern web as one of the original members of the XML working group. The World Health Congress chose Paul as one of its Top 10 Entrepreneurs. Paul is widely respected in the healthtech industry for his approach to innovation. If you need a complex concept explained with simplicity and clarity, Paul's your man.

Talk to us if you are curious about:

  • How Persuasive Technology is helpfully shaping our online and offline behaviors
  • The evidence that Persuasive Technology and Empower works
  • How knowledge gained in social games and gamified application
  • How behavioral psychology improves our understanding how best to improve the patient experience
  • How persuasive technology is helping healthcare consumers deal with chronic illness. 

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