Michael Fergusson

Ayogo Health CEO

Let's discuss the stellar results of our recent Empower pilot, and the third-party evaluation of our product for bariatric surgery preparation, "Picture It!".  Both products demonstrated outstanding improvement in health outcomes.  Tweet me @fergusson to meet up and discuss.

Paul Prescod

Chief Technology Officer

Let's discuss the challenges you are facing with balancing the need for patient-centered care, the emergence of mobile technology, and HIT requirements. 


Why talk to the Experts at Ayogo?

Does thinking about patient behavior through the lens of game psychology really intrigue you?  You may want to read Ayogo's white paper which covers the neurochemical basis of digital engagement, what we can learn from early, less-successful attempts at “gamification”, how we can use “playful design” to improve health outcomes for patients.  Read ahead and let's discuss!